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CASH® .25 Pink 1.25G Cartridge

The .25” calibre cartridges from Accles & Shelvoke offer a diverse range of stunning capabilities. There are seven cartridges available, from the pink load designed for small animals to the red cartridge capable of stunning exceptionally heavy animals such as bison and buffalo. They are a versatile, low cost and reliable power source for our .25” stunning tools and Mini Cable Spiker.

The world’s most accurate rimfire ammunition

World leaders in the supply of precision engineered cartridges specifically for animal welfare stunning tools.

CASH® .25 Pink 1.25G is suitable for small animals.

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CASH® .25 Yellow 2G Cartridge

CASH® .25 Yellow 2G is suitable for small and medium animals.


CASH® .25 Blue 3G Cartridge

CASH® .25 Blue 3G is suitable for medium cattle and heavy pigs.


CASH® .25 Orange 3.5 Cartridge

CASH® .25 Orange 3.5 is suitable for medium cattle and heavy pigs


CASH® .25 Black 4G Cartridge

CASH® .25 Black 4G is suitable for heavy animals, including bulls, cattle and so


CASH® .25 Green 4.5G Cartridge

CASH® .25 Green 4.5G is suitable for extremely heavy cattle and bulls.


CASH® .25 Red 6G Cartridge

CASH® .25 Red 6G is the most powerful in the range and suitable for exceptionally heavy animals.

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