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For over 100 years, Accles & Shelvoke have led the captive bolt stunning industry. Our success is built on innovative engineering solutions, rigorous performance testing, investment in new products, and the assurance of the most reliable stunning tools in the world.


  • 1850 - Mr J.G Accles was born in Bendigo Australia to Northern Irish parents

  • 1860 - The company was first established under the name of Bennetts Successors and joined by Mr JG Accles in 1913

  • 1867 - Mr Accles entered his apprenticeship at the works of the Colt Patent Firearms Manufacturing Co, Hartford, Connecticut, where he received thorough training in the manufacture of small-arms and small-arms ammunition

  • 1872 - Mr Accles came to England and established a works at Ward End, Birmingham for the production of caps for the .42 Russian ‘Berdan’ cartridges, being made in Birmingham in large quantities at that time

  • 1873 - He went to China for the Gatling Gun Company, and whilst there he established factories at Canton and Shanghai for the manufacture of small-arms and ammunition

  • 1875 - Mr Accles returned to England for the Gatling Gun Company. From 1876 to 1886, he visited most of the countries of the world with the Gatling Gun. In many countries where this gun was adopted, he established works for firearm and ammunition manufacture. In this capacity he designed and equipped twelve new works in various countries

  • 1887 - He built and equipped cartridge works near Foochow and on the island of Formosa for the Chinese Government

  • 1888 - Mr Accles formed Accles with works at Holford, Perry Barr, Birmingham. This was later changed to Grenfell and Accles, and again to Accles, and out of this enterprise in 1901 arose the firm of Accles and Pollock, at Oldbury. Mr Accles severed his active connection with Accles and Pollock shortly after its formation, and devoted his time to consulting and experimental work in connection with small-arms and ammunition. He was engaged with the Birmingham Small Arms Company on consulting and experimental work on automatic small-arms, until in 1913 he recommended manufacture at Aston in conjunction with Mr GE Shelvoke, as Accles & Shelvoke. Mr Accles took an active part in that business until ill health compelled him to retire, but he remained as consultant to Accles & Shelvoke until his death in 1939

  • 1910 - Christopher Cash, the originator of the well-known name tapes, lived in Coventry many years ago. Mr Cash had a great compassion for animals. Passing out of college with both academic and athletic honours, being independent of business or profession, he devoted the remainder of his life to animal welfare. Whilst travelling on the continent in 1910, he saw a crude slaughtering instrument which suggested to him the idea of a captive bolt pistol, or mechanical pole axe as he preferred to call it. Mr Cash (having no knowledge of engineering or explosive matters) discussed his idea with Mr JG Accles, one of the most well-known men in England as an authority on guns and explosive weapons of different kinds

  • 1913 - The CASH® pistol was first manufactured by Accles & Shelvoke after years of exhaustive experimenting. Out of compliment to the originator of the idea, Accles & Shelvoke named the new humane stunning tool the CASH® Captive Bolt Pistol

  • 1939 - During the years of the Second World War, Accles and Shelvoke carried out considerable work for the aircraft and naval industries, in addition to humane slaughtering equipment

  • 1952 - The ACVOKE® Cable Spiker was developed in cooperation with the Central Electricity Generating Board. The ACVOKE® Cable Spiker is today used in many industries throughout the world including electricity, oil and gas, government and military installations. In some countries such as the UK the use of the ACVOKE® Cable Spiker is now mandatory

  • 1961 - Accles & Shelvoke was taken over by the Wolseley Hughes Group

  • 1980 - A management buyout was undertaken by the Wolseley Hughes Group

  • 1993 - Acquisition by ELEY in June

  • 2014 - ELEY became ELEY Group and includes Accles & Shelvoke

  • 2016 - Accles & Shelvoke has evolved into a world leader in the manufacture of captive bolt humane stunning equipment and cable spikers. The company has over 80 years of experience working with veterinarians, meat technologists, large and small meat plants and electrical companies. Accles & Shelvoke has developed strong brand presence and market dominance over the course of the company’s long history.