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Here you can find our usage and maintenance training videos for our stunning tools.

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CASH® Special

Cartridge powered CASH® Special is a pistol-shaped captive bolt stunning tool suitable for use on a wide variety of animals.


CASH® Special Concussion

The CASH® Special Concussion is powered by cartridges. The pistol-shaped device uses a concussive head to stun small animals.


CASH® Magnum Auto

The CASH® Magnum Auto is a captive bolt stunning tool suitable for most animals and ideal for high throughput processing plants.


CASH® Magnum FreeFlight

The CASH® Magnum FreeFlight is a cylindrical shaped cartridge powered humane stunning tool with free flight penetrating bolt.


CASH® Magnum Concussion

The CASH® Magnum Concussion is a stunning tool with a concussive head suitable for cattle and other large animals.


CASH® Magnum XL

The CASH® Magnum XL is a stunning tool designed specifically to stun exceptionally heavy animals.


CASH® Cowpuncher

CASH® Cowpuncher cylindrical stunning tool has world class reliability, performance and ergonomic design.


CASH® Small Animal Tool

The CASH® Small Animal Tool is a cylindrical shaped cartridge powered humane stunning tool for small animals and birds.


CASH® Dispatch Kit

The CASH® Dispatch Kit is a one box solution for emergency euthanasia.

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