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CASH® Cowpuncher

CASH® Cowpuncher is a cylindrical shaped cartridge powered humane stunning tool with contact fire operation developed for cattle and can also be used on other animals.

The advantages of the CASH® Cowpuncher are:

  • Unique contact fire system ensures maximum bolt penetration
  • Proven ergonomic design
  • Automatic bolt return
  • Positive no-fire safety system
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Robust and reliable construction
  • Available in .22” and .25” calibres

Humane stunning tool

The CASH® Cowpuncher stunning tool has been designed specifically for cattle, incorporating a unique contact fire operating mechanism, which allows for one handed operation without pressing any trigger.

It has an extremely robust cylindrical design with positive ‘no fire’ safety system and automatic bolt return.

It comes with a long handle version and can be used with a wide range of .22” and .25” calibre cartridges for different animal sizes.

The tool can work with four types of cartridges to stun livestock from small pigs and goats to very heavy animals including bulls, sows and boars.

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